Wainwright’s Dog Food

Wainwright’s Dog Food

When your dog feels good inside, it shows on the outside! All Wainwright’s food is:

  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Gentle on sensitive tummies
  • For healthy skin and coat
  • Promotes firmer stools

Wainwright’s Dog Food

Wainwright'sWainwright’s foods never use any ingredients known to commonly cause allergies such as wheat or mixed meat proteins. Its aim is simple, to provide nutritious, delicious, easily digested and hypo-allergenic diets. All Wainwright’s foods and treats are produced with carefully selected quality ingredients.

It’s what is excluded from Wainwright’s recipes that makes them special, leaving more space for all the quality ingredients that make Wainwright’s naturally so good for dogs.

Wainwright’s does not include any of the following ingredients that are commonly known to cause allergies:

  • No cereals
  • No beef or pork
  • No dairy produce
  • No eggs
  • No soya or fillers
  • No unhealthy additives

Wainwright’s Grain Free Dog Food

Wainwright's Grain FreeOur Grain Free recipes contain all the goodness of the Wainwright’s core range and are formulated to be free of wheat and free from all added grains. All grains have been replaced with highly digestible carbohydrates providing slow release energy from ingredients such as sweet potato as an alternative. For dogs with sensitive digestion, this may prove beneficial.

Wainwright’s Dog Treats

Wainwright's Grain FreeMade with the same love and care as their food, Wainwright’s treats do not use any ingredients known to commonly cause allergies in dogs such as wheat or mixed meat proteins, which makes them the perfect treat choice for your barker whether you’re training or rewarding. Available in a range of different treats, from biscuits to meaty chews – come into store to browse our range and discover the perfect treat for your four-legged friend.