Keep your barker safe this Christmas!

We absolutely love Christmas at Barkers, but did you know that not all of our four-legged friends enjoy it quite as much?

Whilst we’re all out seeing relatives, friends, and opening gifts under the tree – the upheaval can often make our dogs anxious. So to keep your barker happy, safe and settled this Christmas, we’ve written our Top 10 tips for a barker friendly Christmas!

1. Maintain your barker’s feeding and exercise routine to minimise upheaval.

2. Nobody wants a trip to the vets over Christmas, so choose Christmas decorations that are labelled non-toxic.

3. Some barkers just love to chew, even on things they know they shouldn’t! Keep cables from Christmas tree lights out of reach or use a cable guard so that your barker can’t chew through, because they will try!

4. A Christmas tree really is something truly special to see, but be sure to vacuum regularly to reduce the risk of real or fake pine needles being eaten by your barker.

5. Don’t give your dog’s chocolate, it contains a nasty chemical called theobromine, which is toxic to dogs and other pets – so do be careful with edible decorations and chocolate gifts under the tree. Best keeping them away from prying paws!

6. Don’t give your barker leftover bones from the Christmas roast as they can splinter and cause serious issues for your pet. Try a pet friendly alternative like a delicious pig’s ear.

7. Christmas plants may look pretty but poinsettias, mistletoe, holly, amaryllis, ferns and pine sap are poisonous to dogs and also our feline friends too.

8. Kids at Christmas are full of excitement, so if you’re having small humans over to visit this Christmas, do keep them supervised when they are near your dog to avoid injury to either party.

9. If your dog does get stressed by the Christmas commotion, why not create a safe space for your dog – perhaps a spare bedroom or utility room – where they can escape the chaos and enjoy Christmas in a way they like, with a warm bed and cuddly dog toy. Don’t forget to put food, water, toys and a bed in there.

10. Sadly, so many barkers go missing at this time of year due to doors and windows being left open, as visitors come in and out. Please make sure all visitors know to close any doors, windows or gates to stop a panicked pup making an accidental escape.

We hope these tips help and we wish you all a very merry and safe Christmas!