Elsa’s Blog

Hi Barkers!

Hope you’re all still enjoying the summer holidays with your humans, there’s been lots of sunshine for great walks and Frozzies (my favourite treats in summer!), there’s been a lot of rain too but thankfully I quite enjoy jumping in muddy puddles and getting myself filthy, so much fun!…Don’t think mum and dad agree though!

I’ve got some great news Barkers, there’s going to be lots of parties at Barkers throughout September, October and November, perfect for making new friends & getting lots of tasty treats.

There’s going to be a Bichon Party, a Spaniel Party and a Terrier Tea Party to get you ready for the Great British BARK off; a Halloween one and so many more! Make sure your owners are keeping an eye out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the ones you want to come to!

Sniff you all soon Barkers!
Elsa x