Elsa’s Blog

Hi Everypawdy!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer holidays with their humans! I hope you’ve had as much fun as me, it’s been river jumping and Frozzy’s galore here! 🙂

I hear Barkers went to Canine Capers 2016 at the Dorothy Clive Gardens last week to help raise money for the Pug Dog Welfare and Rescue Association. They met lots of adorable pugs of course but there we’re tonnes of other breeds there too. Millie told me the Frozzy’s went down well with all of our doggy pals, they always help keep me cool on a warm day, plus they’re pretty tasty too!

I wish I could have gone, I heard they had a competition for best Sausage catcher…no doubt about it, I’d have got 1st place for that one!

Barkers are still holding their breed meets throughout August so hopefully I’ll see all of your ‘woofly’ faces at those 🙂 Bye for now Barkers…I’m off for a strawberry Frozzy!

Elsa x