Elsa’s Blog

Hi to all my doggy friends again!

I hope you all got some yummy treats for Easter! I got the Easter lolly that I had my eye on – staring at the lolly and then staring at my mum for about three days seemed to really do the trick!

As you know, I like to add to my pack of BFF’s regularly and I now have a new, very cool Barker Bestie. His name’s Winston and he’s an English Bulldog. He came to visit us in Barkers this week and modelled some of our new Bib & Tucker luxury neckerchief range.

His mum and dad hand make them and he is their model/mascot/inspiration. It all came about because they made him his own and got so many compliments, they started a business! How cool is that?…now just to convince someone to base a clothing range around my fabulous self, BOL!

Bye for now Barkers! x