Claire’s Blog

Hi barkers,

I hope you’re all enjoying the summer holidays. Let’s hope this sunshine keeps coming!

This blog is all about keeping your barkers calm if you’re planning on taking them away with you this summer. If you’re concerned about your four legged friend being a little nervous on their travels or unsure about staying somewhere different, we have a few things that might help them relax and reduce stress levels for both barker and human!

The Thundershirt is a fantastic T-shirt style top which is safe, simple and applies pressure to the dogs torso, which has an amazing calming effect on most dogs. We have Adaptil, which is a pheromone based product and we also have Pet Remedy, a calming blend of essential oils; both come in a variety of forms to suit your barkers’ needs.

Pop in and speak to the team for advice on which product would work best for you.

Lastly from me, we have an amazing new product in called Coconoil! This wonder product has numerous health benefits and it’s 100% natural virgin coconut oil…that’s it! It has antibacterial and antiviral properties, supplies additional energy and supports brain function (great for the Golden Oldies) and it can even be applied topically to help promote the healing of cuts, wounds, hot-spots, dry noses and cracked paws. All that in one product! Pop in store to pick up a free sample.

Until next time barkers, enjoy the sunshine and I’ll see you all soon!