Claire’s Blog

Hi barkers,

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine when it pops out to say hello.

Just another update from me about a new range we now have in store. Bowls, mats, toys and fountains all designed to keep your four legged friends cool on those hot days – we even have a dog paddling pool!

The bowls have a special cooling technology to keep the water cool throughout the day and the toys contain a cooling gel; just top them up with water & freeze. A great way to keep your Barker entertained & cool at the same time!

We’ll be bringing some along to the Wilmslow Show on the 10th of July, so pop by and say ‘woof’! We’ve also got 2 slots in the dog arena where we’ll be doing temptation alley again so come and join in the fun!

See you all soon Barkers!