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Brrrrrrr, Barkers it’s cold outside…see what I did there?

Yes my canine friends, winter is truly upon us and if like me, you can’t think of anything worse than icy paws this season then you’re in luck; I’ve pulled together these top winter tips for your humans to follow to keep you safe and warm.

  1. Wrap up warm. Not only will you be the most fashionable dog on the block but you’ll also keep the chill at bay by wearing a snazzy dog coat. The team at Barkers have lots of beautifully crafted coats in all sizes – perfect for those country winter walks.


  1. Nothing says style like hi-vis – ok, I made that bit up, but it does help to keep you safe and seen as the winter nights draw in by drivers and other walkers. For an easy, quick solution, Barkers recommends Lumitubes. These light-up collars are weatherproof, waterproof and operate using AAA batteries. Simply cut to the correct size and slip over your collar. Tell your human they’ll also need to wear it or to carry a torch with them.


  1. I know they may let you play in the lake/pond in summer, but when it freezes it’s a big no-no. Your mum or dad is best keeping you on the lead – as it can sometimes look too much fun to resist.


  1. Dry us off and wash our paws. Nobody likes to be wet and cold, including us, so make sure your human dries you off after each walk and washes your paws with clean warm water – why you say? Well it means all the road grit you stepped on won’t irritate your paws and you don’t lick it off by accident. If you’re in need of a professional pawdicure, try the Winter Walkies service at your local Barkers Spa, which includes a soothing vitamin rich paw and nose treatment.
  2. Just in case we get lost in the snow, make sure your human has got you a collar with your name and contact information and that your microchip details are up to date. That way, when found we can get back home as soon as possible and guilt our family into giving us lots of cuddles and new toys and treats. Your local Barkers offers a one-stop shop with an in-store engraving service and microchipping so it couldn’t be easier!
  3. Why oh why did they make it taste so good, as it’s really poisonous to us dogs (and cats too). Get your human to do a house check to make sure we can’t get to any and that any spills have been cleaned up properly – better safe than sorry.

If you and your family would like to come and chat to us more about keeping you safe in winter, why not pop into your local Barkers and say hello – plus there could be a delicious biscuit in it for you too.

Stay safe and warm everyone.

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